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2016 Technology Primer: Backup

What Every Lawyer Should Know
Discovery from Mobile Devices
E-Discovery Workbook 2016
The Case for Native
Improved Outcomes w/ Masters
Lawyers' Guide to Forms of Production
Becoming a Better DF Witness
Ball in your Court (through 7/13)  
Essays on TAR    
Shorties on Search

Intro. to Computing Hardware    
Computer Forensics for Lawyers    
Litigator's Guide to Metadata

Litigator's Guide to Databases

10 Things that Trouble Judges

ED: A Special Master's Perspective

E-Discovery for Everybody
1st Responder Guide to Data Theft

Surefire Steps to Splendid Search
Preservation of ESI after Layoffs

Geek Speak

E-Discovery: Employment Law

E-Mail in Civil Discovery 2009
Three for the Bench

What Judges Should Know: Forensics

E-Discovery: Right from the Start

What Judges Should Know: BU Tape

Piecing Together the E-Discovery Plan

Eight on Electronic Data Discovery

Three for the Court: FJC Training

Musings on Meet and Confer

The Perfect Preservation Letter

Exemplar Preservation Letter

The Path to Production of E-Mail

Plaintiff's Guide to E-Discovery


  � Orlando - 1/22/16

  � Richmond - 1/26/16

  � Seattle - 13/14-16/16

  � Gainesville, FL - 3/30/16

  � Dallas - 4/8/16

  � New York - 4/18-20/16

  � Washington, DC - 5/12/16

  � Austin - 5/17/16

  � San Antonio - 5/20/16

  � Washington, DC - 6/5-10/16

  � Ft. Worth - 6/16-17/16

  � Oxford, MS - 6/24/16

  � Portland - 9/15-16/16

  � Puerto Rico - 9/30/16

  � Kansas City - 10/11/16

  � Houston - 10/25/16

  � Austin - 11/4/16



"The exabytes of digital information streaming about us today are rich rivers of evidence that will help us find the truth and move us to do justice more swiftly, more economically and more honorably than ever before. It will require every litigator to master new skills and tools, and alter the approaches and attitudes we bring to the adversarial process. We must reinvent ourselves to master modern evidence or be content with a justice system that best serves the well-heeled and the corrupt. The path to justice is paved with competent evidence and trod by counsel competent in its use."



Blog: Ball in Your Court  

Blog addressing issues in e-discovery and computer forensics


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Electronic Evidence Challenges

Special Masters in E-Discovery

Why You Should Go Native

Brainless Blunders in EDD

Data Mapping

Retrieving ESI From the Cloud

Metadata for 21st C. Disclosures

Legal & IT Challenges re: EDD

E-Discovery 7 Forensics Trends
Least Practices in EDD

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60 Tips: UT Keeton Conf. 2010

LegalIT Tips


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