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Craig Ball has published dozens of articles about law and technology, often focusing on electronic discovery strategies and computer forensics.  Craig's work has been published in Trial magazine, the ABA Journal, GP Solo, Law Technology News and other national publications.  Here are several selected articles, all in PDF format:


Ball in Your Court: April 2005-July  2009


Powering PowerPoint


Three for the Court: FJC Training


What Judges Should Know About Computer Forensics

Piecing Together the E-Discovery Plan (TRIAL Magazine)

Eight on EDD: Eight Articles on Electronic Data Discovery



What Judges Should Know About Discovery from Backup Tapes (150KB)


Musings on Meet and Confer (58KB)


Metadata: Beyond "Data About Data" (149KB)


Google to the Rescue: A Go Tech Virtual Office on a No Tech Budget (online)


Discovery of Electronic Mail: The Path to Production (124KB)


The Plaintiffs' Practical Guide to E-Discovery (102 KB)


The Perfect Preservation Letter (199KB)

PowerPoint Accompanying Meet and Confer Strategies Presentation  (1.23MB)


Dodging the Bullet: Cross-Examination Tips for Computer Forensic Examiners   (284KB)   

PowerPoint Accompanying Presentation of Cross-Examination Paper (1.6MB)


Six on Forensics   (2.42MB)


Finding the Right Computer Forensics Expert (64KB)


Cross-Examination of the Computer Forensics Expert (251KB)


Getting to the Drive: Gaining Access to your Opponent’s Digital Media (383KB)


Meeting the Challenge: E-Mail in Civil Discovery (1.4MB)


Power Persuasion, including "Six Ways to Add PowerPoint Pizzazz to Mundane Documents" (1.3MB)


Cybersleuthing (227KB)


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