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ESI Special Master and Texas Attorney

Computer Forensic Examiner

Author and Educator



3251 Laurel St.

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Craig Ball is a Texas trial attorney, certified computer forensic examiner and Adjunct Professor at the University of Texas teaching Electronic Evidence and Digital Discovery and at Tulane University Law School teaching Digital Evidence. Craig brings expertise in digital forensics, emerging technologies, visual persuasion, electronic discovery, and trial tactics, limiting his practice to service as a court-appointed Special Master and consultant in electronically stored information. A founder of the Georgetown University Law Center E-Discovery Training Academy, Craig serves on the Academy's faculty. He is an instructor in computer forensics and electronic evidence to multiple government agencies and an energetic speaker at CLE programs for the bench and the bar throughout the world. Craig's articles regularly appear in the national media. For nine years, he wrote the award-winning syndicated column, "Ball in your Court," for American Lawyer Media and still pens a popular blog of the same name at Craig is the 2019 recipient of the Cavin Award for Lifetime Achievement in Continuing Education. 


Rice University (B.A., 1979, triple major); University of Texas (J.D., with honors, 1982); Oregon State University (Computer Forensics certification, 2003); EnCase Intermediate Reporting and Analysis Course (Guidance Software 2004); WinHex Forensics Certification Course (X-Ways Software Technology 2005); Certified Data Recovery Specialist (Forensic Strategy Services 2009); Nuix Certified E-Discovery Specialist (2014); numerous other classes on computer forensics and e-discovery.



Law Offices of Craig D. Ball, P.C.; Licensed in Texas since 1982.

Board Certified in Personal Injury Trial Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization 1988-2019

Certified Computer Forensic Examiner, Oregon State University and NTI

Certified Computer Examiner (CCE), International Society of Forensic Computer Examiners

Certified Data Recovery Specialist

Certified E-Discovery Specialist (Nuix)

Faculty, University of Texas School of Law, Adjunct Professor teaching Electronic Discovery & Digital Evidence

Faculty, Tulane University School of Law, Adjunct Professor teaching Digital Evidence

Faculty and Founder, Georgetown University Law Center, E-Discovery Training Academy

Admitted to practice U.S. Court of Appeals, Fifth Circuit; U.S.D.C., Southern, Northern and Western Districts of Texas.

Board Member, Georgetown University Law Center Advanced E-Discovery Institute and E-Discovery Academy

Board Member, International Society of Forensic Computer Examiners (agency certifying computer forensic examiners)

Member, Sedona Conference WG1 on Electronic Document Retention and Production

Member, Maryland Committee on Federal E-Discovery Guidelines, 2014-17 (civil and criminal committees)

Special Master, Electronic Discovery, numerous federal and state tribunals

Instructor in Computer Forensics and Electronic Discovery, United States Department of Justice

Lecturer/Author on Electronic Discovery for Federal Judicial Center, FDIC (2019) and Texas Office of the Attorney General

Instructor, HTCIA Annual 2010, 2011 Cybercrime Summit, 2006, 2007; SANS Instructor 2009, PFIC 2010, CEIC 2011, 2012

Special Prosecutor, Texas Commission for Lawyer Discipline, 1995-96

Council Member, Computer and Technology Section of the State Bar of Texas, 2003-date; Chair 2015-2016

Chairman: Technology Advisory Committee, State Bar of Texas, 2000-02

President, Houston Trial Lawyers Association (2000-01); President, Houston Trial Lawyers Foundation (2001-02)

Director, Texas Trial Lawyers Association (1995-2003); Chairman, Technology Task Force (1995-97)

Member, High Technology Crime Investigation Association and International Information Systems Forensics Assn.

Member, Texas State Bar College

Member, Continuing Legal Education Comm., 2000-04, Civil Pattern Jury Charge Comm., 1983-94, State Bar of Texas

Life Fellow, Texas and Houston Bar Foundations

Adjunct Professor, South Texas College of Law, 1983-88


Selected publications available at; awards and honors on request.

Matters in Which Craig Ball has Served as a Court Appointed Special Master or Neutral
or Testified as an Expert or in Connection with Computer Forensics/Electronic Evidence


1.                   Meyer v. Brown; Harris County, TX, Judge Baker; (Court's Neutral)

2.                   In Re: Enron and Arthur Andersen Secs. Litigation; USDC SDTX (Lead Plaintiff's Counsel's ESI expert)

3.                   In Re: Tyco Securities Litigation; USDC NH (Lead Plaintiff's Counsel's ESI Expert)

4.                   American Express v. Americap; USDC SDTX (Court's Special Master)

5.                   TXU v. Whittaker et al.; 151st Harris County, TX (Court's Special Master)

6.                   Miller et al. v. Highland Medical Center; 295th JDC, Harris County, TX (Plaintiff's Counsel's Expert)

7.                   Barnes v. Kissner; 190th JDC; Harris County, TX (Court's Neutral)

8.                   BP Texas City Explosion Litigation, Galveston, TX (Joint Prosecution Group's Expert)

9.                   Chart Industries v. Runyan and Applied Hydrocarbon Systems; USDC SDTX (Plaintiff's Expert)

10.               Key Energy v. Crisp; USDC Midland, TX (Plaintiff's Counsel's Expert)

11.               Broussard v. Dunlap; 190th Harris County, TX (Court�s Neutral)

12.               State Bar of Texas v. [Attorneys Under Investigation]; TX Office of the Disciplinary Counsel

13.               In Re: Flowserve Securities Litigation; USDC NDTX (Lead Plaintiff's Counsel's Expert)

14.               Grooms v. Montelaro; 295th, Harris County, TX (Court's Special Master)

15.               Luk v. Eisner; 11th, Harris County, TX (Defense Counsel's Expert)

16.               MJCM, LLC. v. Floyd and Associates. Harris County, TX (Court's Neutral)

17.               PowerTrain v. American Honda; USDC NDMS (Hybrid Appointment)

18.               Shue v USAA et al; Kendall County, TX (Court's Special Master)

19.               In Re: Sirna Therapeutics Litigation; USDC NDCA (Defense Counsel's Expert)

20.               Yeh v. McDougal; 333rd Harris County, TX (Court's Neutral)

21.               Plus Technologia, SA de CV v ACI Worldwide; Pinellas Cty., FL (Plaintiff's Counsel's Expert)

22.               Anadarko Petroleum v. Geosouthern Energy; USDC SDTX (Hybrid/Court's Neutral)

23.               ASC v. SCI; Ft. Bend County, TX (Court's Neutral by Stipulation)

24.               Katrina Canal Breaches Consolidated Litigation; USDC EDLA (Court's Neutral)

25.               Sellar v. Boecker; Harris County, TX (Court's Neutral)

26.               In Re: Seroquel Products Liability Litigation; USDC MDFL (Court's Special Master-ESI)

27.               Daimler Trucks N.A. LLC v. Younessi; USDC OR (Court's Special Master)

28.               MDI v. NaphCare; USDC SDMS (Court's Neutral)

29.               Baker Hughes v. Pathfinder; USDC SDTX (Defense Counsel's Expert)

30.               Bd. of Comms. of the Port of N.O. v. Lexington Ins. Co. et al.; USDC EDLA (Special Master-ESI)

31.               Stewart & Stevenson v. McGuirt; Harris County, TX (Neutral Expert by Stipulation)

32.               Fisher et al. V. Halliburton et al.; USDC SDTX (Plaintiff Counsel's Expert)

33.               Aquamar S.A. v. E.I. Du Pont de Nemours & Co.; Broward County, FL (Plaintiff's Counsel's Expert)

34.               AmWINS Brokerage of Texas, Inc . v Hildebrand; Collin County, TX (Neutral by Agreement)

35.               Arthur v. Stern; Harris County, TX (Court's Special Master in computer forensics)

36.               Duke Energy Int'l, LLC et al. v. Napoli; Harris County., TX (Court's Special Master)

37.               Austin Capital Mgmt. v. Balthrop; USDC WDTX (Court's Special Master in computer forensics)

38.               Grace et al. v. DRS Sensors & Targeting Systems, Inc.;� USDC MDFL (Defense Counsel's Expert)

39.               Peironnet et al. v. Matador Resources Co. et al.; Caddo Parish, LA (Court's Neutral)

40.               Camp Mystic, Inc. et al. v. Eastland et al.; Kerr County, TX (Defense Counsel's Expert)

41.               Maggette, Jacobs et al. v. BL Development et al.; USDC NDMS (Court's Special Master)

42.               Ridha et al. v. Texas A&M University et al.; USDC SDTX (Defense Counsels' Expert)

43.               In re: CityCenter Construction Litigation, Clark County, NV (Court's Special Master for ESI)

44.               In re: Bernard L. Madoff Investment Services Litigation; Bankruptcy Court SDNY (Trustee's Expert for ESI)

45.               Lexington v. Estate of John O'Quinn, Deceased; Probate Ct 2, Harris County, TX (Court's Neutral Examiner)

46.               Allison et al. v. Exxon Mobil Corp.; Circuit Court Baltimore County, MD (Court's Special Master-ESI)

47.               PIC Group v LandCoast, Inc.; USDC SDMS (Court's Special Master)

48.               SSC, et al v. Halberdier​, et al; Harris County., TX (Neutral by Agreement)

49.               Houlahan v. WWASPS; USDC DDC (Court's Neutral)

50.               M-I L.L.C. v. Stelly et al; USDC SDTX (Court's Neutral)

51.               Coyote Springs Inv. v Pardee Homes; Clark County, NV (Court's Special Master)

52.               Segner v. Sinclair Oil & Gas; USDC NDTX (Court's Special Master)

53.               Adams Golf v. Reed and Callaway Golf; 296th, Collin County, TX (Court's Special Master)

54.               Elliott v. Tetlow and MCO-I; USDC SDTX (Court's Special Master)

55.               12001 Beamer, Ltd. V. Valtasaros; 295th, Harris County, TX (Court's Special Master)

56.               William A. Sawyer v. Frank Gabrysch et al.; 269th. Harris County, TX (Court's Special Master)

57.               Bridges et al. v. GES et al.; 164th, Harris County, TX (Court's Special Master)

58.               Ramirez v. State Farm Lloyds; 206th, Hidalgo County, TX (Plaintiffs' Counsel's Expert)

59.               In re: Forest Research Institute Cases, USDC DNJ (Plaintiffs' Counsel's Expert)

60.               IDM v. May et al.; USDC EDVA (Plaintiffs' Counsel's Expert)

61.               Radcliffe v. Tidal Petroleum; 218th, LaSalle County, TX (Court's Special Master)

62.               Estate of Henry G. McMahon, Jr.; Travis County, TX (Court's Special Master)

63.               Samame d/b/a Alamo Packing v. Arco Iris et al; USDC WDTX (Court's Special Master)

64.               Huerta/Kodish v. BASF; Circuit Court, Cook County, IL (Court's E-Discovery Mediator)

65.               EPAC v. Thomas Nelson, Inc.; USDC MDTN (Court's Special Master)

66.               Gonzales and Select Caskets of Texas, Inc. v. Morris, et al.; 295th, Harris County, TX (Court's Special Master)

67.               Ted W. Allen & Assoc. v. Norman et al.; 333rd Harris County, TX (Court's Special Master)

68.               Preston Marshall et al. v. MarOpCo, Inc. et al.; 11th, Harris County, TX (Court's Special Master)

69.               Marcus Huey et al. v. EQT Production Company, et al.; Wetzel County, WV (Defense Counsel's Expert)

70.               Ravago Americas LLC v. Vinmar International LTD et al.; USDC SDTX (Court's Special Master)

71.               In re: Allergan TBI Products Products Liability Litigation; USDC DNJ (Plaintiff's Counsel's Expert)

72.               Dawkins and Hunt v, Crawford; Probate Court No. 1 of Travis County, TX (Court's Special Master)

73.               Reliant Recycling v. Louisiana Scrap LLC; USDC EDLA (Neutral Examiner)

74.               BCBS of Mississippi v. Coast Diagnostics; USDC SDMS (Court's Neutral)