60 Tips in 60 Minutes

Presented by Joe Longley, Craig Ball, and Tom Mighell

October 28, 2010


Joe’s Tips


·         Research the defendant’s website – what 3rd parties are allowed access to online through passwords?  Look for statements against interest – “hot shot service,” claims handling, competence, ability, special features

·         Choose your venue wisely.

·         Google, social network and Westlaw check the parties, your opponent, and yourself.

·         Theme of the Case (“a deal is a deal” or “conduct vs. contract”)

·         Hitler had a lifetime appointment – avoid Federal Court.

·         Local Counsel (the diminishing importance of 214 lawyers outside of 214)

·         A Request for Disclosure should be in your first pleading.

·         Discovery (ROGs, RFPs, RFAs, Notice of Corporate Rep Depo and DC, as well as 3rd Party DWCs) should always be served with the petition.

·         Court assignments – Google and Westlaw check the judge.

·         The right to open and close is better than two eyewitnesses!  Use it every chance you get.

·         Exploit all potential conflicts facing opposing counsel representing more than one party – but do not move to disqualify.  Allow them to become mature.

·         Rejoice when the Defendant’s Answer contains boilerplate requests and defenses (such as Rule 13 groundless claim; request for attorney fees, no mitigation, comparative responsibility)

·         Immediately seek entry of a standard protective order protecting confidentiality of sensitive documents – such as the standing order for the Western District.  Make sure the burden to maintain confidential status is clearly on the proponent claiming such status.

·         Immediately (same day) meet objections and claims of privilege with a request for a Privilege Log.

·         Immediately (same day as Privilege Log received) file a Motion to Compel Discovery – attaching your opponent’s objections, claims of privilege and privilege log as exhibits.

·         Listen to the answers given when you are taking a deposition.  Always pause when you hear the words “grassy knoll.”

·         Make your opponent work.  Amend your pleadings freely.  Tailor your tasks to the reporting requirements of the opposing insurance carrier.  Be a squeaky wheel.

·         Voir Dire – make the jury comfortable.  Start with easy questions of common experience with a little humor (“Anyone here ever had a problem with an insurance company?  Let me rephrase that – anyone who has not had a problem with an insurance company?”)

·         No Rolexes, tattoos, diamonds, fancy clothes, monogrammed garments, unneeded lawyers, assistants, spouses or onlookers in the courtroom.  Less is more.

·         How far is it to the Alamo?


Craig’s Tips


·         iGoogle (www.google.com/ig)

·         Gmail (www.google.com/mail)

·         Google Calendar (www.google.com/calendar)

·         Google Docs (http://docs.google.com)

·         Google Alerts (www.google.com/alerts)

·         Google Fast Flip (http://fastflip.googlelabs.com)

·         Alltop (www.alltop.com)

·         6 Google Tips You’ll Love

o   Track packages

o   Unit conversion

o   Convert currency

o   Movie times

o   Flight status

o   Phonebook

·         3 Super Search Tips

o   Site:[name of site][query]

o   Exact: +[query; Exclude: -[query]

o   Filetype:[file extension] query

·         Great Apps!

o   Dragon Dictation – Free

o   Genius Scan – Free

o   American Airlines – Free

o   GoodReader – Free

·         Flying is tough enough without getting a bad seat!  Seatguru.com (www.seatguru.com)

·         Skype (www.skype.com)

·         How to get more bids on Priceline – BiddingForTravel (www.biddingfortravel.com)

·         Totally free “bridged” conference calling – Free Conference Calling (www.freeconferencecalling.com)

·         Miss the Quick Launch Bar in Win7? You can enable the Quick Launch toolbar in Windows 7. To do so, right-click a blank area of the taskbar and choose Toolbars, then New toolbar. In the Choose a folder window that appears, type the following text into the Folder field: %userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch. Click Select Folder. You'll see the Quick Launch toolbar appear in truncated form at the right of the taskbar. To modify this appearance, unlock the taskbar (right-click in an empty space on the taskbar, then clear the Lock the taskbar check box). Drag the taskbar where you'd like it. Right-click the Quick Launch toolbar and disable two options: Show text and Show title. This will make the toolbar look as it did in previous Windows versions.

·         Enable God Mode for Windows (Windows 7 and Vista) – Create a folder, and name it: GodMode.{ED7BA470-8#54-465E-825C-99712043E01C)

·         E-Discovery Web Resources

o   Electronic Discovery Law (www.ediscoverylaw.com)

o   EDD Update (www.eddupdate.com)

o   Electronic Discovery Reference Model (www.edrm.net)

o   Craig Ball’s website (www.craigball.com)

·         Stock photo for presentations, marketing, or anything else – iStockphoto (www.istockphoto.com)

·         Great business cards, online!  Overnight Prints (www.overnightprints.com)

·         Convert videotape to digitized video on DVD for $9.95 per tape (www.apmstudio.com)

·         Ted Talks – Ideas worth spreading:  (www.tedtalks.com)

·         AccuRadio – the next generation of radio (www.accuradio.com)

·         Windows Shortcut Keys (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/126449)

·         Can changing fonts save you money?  Printer.com says shifting from Arial to Century Gothic cuts printing costs by almost a third!

·         Become more efficient by customizing the Office Quick Access toolbar



Tom’s Tips


·         Creating a Research Workflow, Part 1 – Google Reader (www.google.com/reader, free)

·         Creating a Research Workflow, Part 2 – Instapaper (www.instapaper.com, free)

·         Creating a Research Workflow, Part 3 – Evernote (www.evernote.com, free)

·         Access your files from anywhere using Dropbox (www.dropbox.com, 2GB free)

·         Sending large files:

o   YouSendIt (www.yousendit.com, 100MB free)

o   Drop.io (http://drop.io, 100MB free):  Note: the day after this presentation, Drop.io was bought by Facebook.  The service is currently closed, but can be expected to open up again after the Facebook purchase is complete.

·         Still writing out your notes?  Use LiveScribe (www.livescribe.com, $179)

·         The iPad For Litigators – how can lawyers use the iPad?

·         Tom’s Recommended iPad Apps

o   Pages

o   Penultimate

o   smartNote

o   WritePad

o   Elements

o   Office HD

o   Evernote

o   Instapaper

o   Fastcase

o   Expensify

o   Dragon Dictation

o   Dropbox

o   Mindmeister

o   GoToMeeting/Webex

·         iPad Apps for Everyone

o   Gizmodo’s Essential iPad Apps (http://j.mp/daTO9g)

o   The 25 Best iPad Apps (http://j.mp/aRyg8D)

o   The Best iPad Apps (http://j.mp/aONQ9Z)

o   iPad Apps Making Headlines (http://j.mp/dgoc9X)

·         Make filing email a breeze – SimplyFile (www.techhit.com, $49.95)

·         Delay Email Delivery in Outlook

o   Options > More Options

o   Click Delay Delivery

o   Click Message Options

o   Under Delivery Options, select “don’t deliver before”

o   Click delivery date and time

o   Click Send

·         Easily add new contacts to with Copy2Contact (www.copy2contact.com, $45)

·         Meeting scheduling made simple

o   Tungle (www.tungle.com)

o   WhenIsGood (http://whenisgood.net)

o   Doodle (www.doodle.com)

o   TimeBridge (www.timebridge.com)

·         Host your meeting on the Web for free (www.dimdim.com, free)

·         Do you have a Discovery Response Plan?

·         Develop your Web presence – have a Home Base (a website or blog), but also create outposts like LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter to draw people back to your Home Base.

·         Keep up with legal technology podcasts

o   Kennedy-Mighell Report (http://j.mp/ELEsb)

o   Digital Detectives (http://j.mp/9xkDni)

o   Law Technology Now (http://j.mp/11dY8k)

o   ESI Bytes (www.esibytes.com)

o   ESI Report (http://j.mp/a1TtKh)

o   The Digital Edge (http://j.mp/daHHcG - iTunes link)

·         Create your own cloud – wireless devices that create your own wireless network

o   Verizon MiFi

o   Sprint Overdrive

o   Droid X (and soon most Android phones)

·         The last password you’ll ever need – LastPass (www.lastpass.com, free)

·         All your travel plans, all in one place – TripIt (www.tripit.com, free)